Days of Noah

The most important decision you will ever make in your life is who or what you put your faith in. What I can tell you after 25 years as a Christian is that God loves you, knows your past, and where you are now.

The days of Noah were characterized by pervasive wickedness with deceit, sexual immorality, violence and coldness of hearts. The world was going through each day doing the same thing unaware of the approaching end.

Have you noticed that each decade has gotten incrementally worse since after WWII? So, by extension, the next decade (written in 03/2019) will be worse than now. That should definitely tell you something. Some describe others as faithless, however that is not true. Everyone is putting their faith in something.

Approximately 150,000+ people did not make it through today, and tomorrow the same thing will happen again.

Turn now and make peace with God and do not leave it until it is too late. You are not promised tomorrow so take that to heart. That was the mistake made by all during the time of Noah as well who did not listen to the pleas from Noah to REPENT and make peace with God. It is a tactic of the enemy (Satan) to distract you with the problems of this world and your wants until time runs out for you.

It is like a fire coming over a hill and you run to get on a boat that is leaving. The ship master says he does not know you (there is no relationship) and turns you away. You are terrified at that point knowing it is over and nothing can save you. Not your good works, not your money, your friends, your intellect, your reputation, not even God.

That is the experience of an unbeliever when his/her life ends or any unbeliever that is still here for the return of Jesus. The analogy is similar to the parable of the ten virgins from Matthew 25

There is a difference between knowing of someone and having an actual friendship. There are people in an apartment building for example, that you say hello to politely each day and probably know their name. In fact you could know a lot about them as well. If you went to their door and said you wanted to live there, they would say no, they do not know you.

The word repent means to change your direction. It is your thinking and beliefs that determine your direction. Jesus started his ministry with the message of repentance first. There is a profound change that happens when you do not make excuses and are willing to see yourself as you really are. God often makes things difficult when there is a call to repentance, so that you do not go over a cliff.

The command is to reconsider your thinking, behavior, what you believe, and ask God for forgiveness. There is a change in behavior and words, that is noticeable and persistent, when true repentance happens. The opposite of repentance is excuses, apologies, self-deception, denial and lies.

There are two doors that close. The first is the end of your life when you leave this world. The second door is the one to heaven that closes if you have no relationship with Jesus.

There is good news however. If you are reading this, it is not too late!

This world is a temporary place that God has created, giving you a fixed amount of time to turn to the Lord. Do not make more of this world than what it is! The world system is spiritually dead and opposes God. It will keep you bound unless you turn to God.

The present creation is now passing away at a faster rate and you will perish with it as well if you are not in the Ark. You cannot live in two worlds. It is in the dark times when the grace of God is even more abundant.

Make peace with God through Christ Jesus for the new and everlasting life. Know peace, healing, truth and relationship with God before it is too late. Do not harden your hearts and resist the Lord when he knocks at your door.

“Everyone who calls (believes) on the name of the Lord will be saved. “

Author – Shaun Hummel

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